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I am so glad you are here. I am a wife a mother, a grand mother. I love to make old things come back to life. I live in a small town in North Alabama. I'm a dental hygienist for the most wonderful dentist. I am a sinner saved by GRACE.I sing in the choir at my church. I was raised in a conservative home that believed it was a sin to be wasteful, so therefore I am VERY frugal

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello everyone I hope all is well,

I think I have fully established the fact that I am an old fogie, conservative country girl.  But, I think sometimes I can still pull a rabbit out of my hat. Most of my house, according to my daughters, who are 29 and 32, is outdated.  So, in a meager attempt to bring it up to date, I took a trip to the internet, Art.com., I found this picture.  Why it spoke to me I cannot explain it.  I just knew I had to have it.  I found the 3' by 4' canvas for $1.00 at a yard sale.  It was dirty and covered with orange and lime green paint an interpretation of abstract art.  I cleaned it and painted over it with some white gesso, which is a paint used on canvases to help preserve the painting.  I really cannot tell you how many hours I worked on this project.  To say I was obsessed is an understatement . Every waking minute was spent in my shop painting. "Upteen" plus hours later here is the end result.
Ah ha fooled you. It doesn't look like something a hillbilly would have in her house. Of course I'm never satisfied with anything I do, I scrutinize it too death.  For example, the guy looks like he's got a bad case of "stiff arm", I've had that before so I recognized it right off the bat--looks real painful.  My diagnosis of the girl, I've decided, is she is definitely retaining water. See how her stomach is pooching out a bit, ( I thought that only happened to us who are over 50.)  But, anyone can tell she works out.  Look at those calf muscles, she has to be a runner.  I tried that once and my knees hurt for a week. (wasn't fool enough to try that again.)  The guy is obviously having a bad hair day or either it's a very bad hair piece. Okay, that's enough analyzing.  I still love this picture.

It reminds me of being young,and in love, dancing close and doing a little "belly rubbing" Of course now at our age, with our present physique, my husband and I really do a lot of belly rubbing.  We just don't have to stand as close to each other as we used to to accomplish this.

Stay tuned for more art, decorating and surprises. Until later....

Love, luck and laughter,
Paula the Hillbilly


Kelly Miller said...

Ha ha ha you r absolutely cracking me up!!!!! I noticed how her stomach was big too right off the top. Really am not sure about the stiff arm though.

Kelly Miller said...

Ha ha ha u r absolutely cracking me up!!!!

Paula said...

You are too kind Kelly. I'm glad you are enjoying my junk. Please suggest it to others

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