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I am so glad you are here. I am a wife a mother, a grand mother. I love to make old things come back to life. I live in a small town in North Alabama. I'm a dental hygienist for the most wonderful dentist. I am a sinner saved by GRACE.I sing in the choir at my church. I was raised in a conservative home that believed it was a sin to be wasteful, so therefore I am VERY frugal

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's okay to buy stool softeners in public

Come one everybody, it's a NATURAL part of life. Everyone needs some help now and then, what's the big deal? I was in CVS when I came across a "friend". To keep her identity a secret we'll just call her Vergy. "Hey, Paula, come here a minute", I hear from the next aisle. I turned the corner and observed my friend in front of the laxatives and stool softners. She whispered, (now I'm parapharasing), "I have a little TROUBLE and I don't know which one to get." I said, "Well, first of all THESE are laxatives", I pointed out. "These are the ones you need," I said, as I pulled a box off the shelf. Now, I'll admit that I have been told that my voice DOES carry quite a bit. Versy like to have had a stroke saying, "SHHH!!!!, not so loud, I don't want everyone in the store to know. Don't talk so loud!" I informed her, it's okay, everyone KNOWS what stool softeners are and nobody cares. She turned her face and said, " I am so embarrased." I tried to no avail to explain to her that every one has PROBLEMS every once in a while. So, I did something that I felt would make amends for my loud voice, I dug through my book and gave her a coupon for the stuff. Whew! now maybe I'm off the hook. Of course, by the time she brought her PRODUCT to the counter everyone probably had her pretty well summed up. But, I do understand her dilima. Don't tell anyone but I'm getting my wig and sunglasses on so nobody will recognize me when I go to the store to purchase some hair remover, (for my chin). Until later.......
Love, luck and laughter,
Paula the hillbilly

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shane said...

LOL! Great writing Paula..gonna try to post on FB for you

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