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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yard sale decorating

I hear the beat to a different drummer, obviously.  My daughters don't like my decorating style, but guess who does--ME!  I  LOVE the color red and wanted to paint a wall in my family room, but didn't want to spend an arm an leg for paint.   So,,,,, I went to the Habitat-Restore and bought a gallon of  Colonial Red for $5.00. My husband and I almost divorced over painting that wall.  It was a lot of work. lol
This window frame I found at a yard sale for $.10.  I painted it white and got this delightful tissue paper at a discount store, I think it was Ross, but not sure.  I glued it to the opposite side of the frame, it doesn't look like it here, but it matched  perfectly I love the white against the red. 

I wish I had a before picture of this 100 year old "hoosier cabinet" .  It had 4 coats of paint, white and mint green were among the two that I remember.  It took me 3 months of off and on stripping to get all the paint off.  I placed sentimental things that belonged to both mine and my husband's grandparents on the shelves. It serves as a shrine to honor the wisdom and the good lives of some wonderful, loving people.

 I needed something to add a little icing to the cake so I searched on art. com and I found this picture of an old house. It reminded me of some old home places I remember as a child.  The pretty quilt airing in the sun is the cherry on top.  So, here's my attempt at painting it.I found the frame at Mac's antiques and junk , I mixed some brown, red and a little white and dry brushed it, took a rag and wiped some of it off and continued until I got the frame to look aged.

I love the nostalgia this picture represents.. Look over my bad artwork and just feel the feeling.  I can smell apple pie cooking in the oven.  I can hear my grandmother singing to the top of her lungs, "Halleujah, Thine The Glory". while green beans, with some good fat back, are boiling on the stove top.  I smile every time I look at this picture.  That's what decorating is all about, making the person that lives in the space, feel happy. I am so very happy with my very blessed life.  I've got more hillbilly ideas coming up.  Until later...
Love, luck and laughter,
Paula the hillbilly

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Kelly Miller said...

You have talent and guess what? I absolutely love white on red also!!

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