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Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby gifts that are from the heart, not the pocketbook

When I found the pattern for these "converse" tennis shoe booties, I thought I was going to break my jaw from gritting my teeth so tight. Oh, I just couldn't stand it they are so CUTE! I had a friend who gave me two boxes of thread and yarn that belonged to her mother. I've picked up yarn at thrift stores and yard sales. Both booties and wash cloth is made of cotton so it's really soft. Now if you're like me on a budget, (husband retired me working part-time), then you have to THINK of ways to get gifts for church friends and family that don't cost an arm and a leg. Depending on who it is and how CLOSE you are to them, you can add some diapers or wipes to the gift to bring it up a notch. But next look at these!!!
Oh, my gosh I'm having a smothering spell these pink cowboy booties are to die for. But now check out the cowboy hat.

To get these patterns for crochet just google: free pattern for crochet "cowboy baby booties" and "converse baby tennis shoes" and "baby wash cloth" . Do them separate of course. I thought everyone might get a kick out of these. Until later.... Hillbilly decorating will be coming up really soon.
Love, luck , and laughter,
Paula the hillbilly

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