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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could you go the restroom before they call your name?

Hello everyone,

I've worked in a dental office for 39 years.  I'm a dental hygienist, I clean teeth.  Now, I'm not sure what the problem is but if I had a dollar for every time this happened I'd be rich.  I walk out to the reception room and call, we'll call her Mrs. Jones.   "Mrs. Jones, I'm sorry I'm running a few minutes late,  you can come on back."  Now, here's the kicker, she grabs her purse, puts her hand beside her mouth as if to whisper and says, "Could I go to the restroom first?"  What am I suppose to say? No, sorry you can't, you've been sitting out here for 15 minutes why did you wait until I called your name to decide at THIS moment you need to GO!
Is it something about my voice?  Is it the setting? I can understand about bathroom issues, we all have them.  But, when it happens 4 or 5 times a day, I'm beginning to get paranoid that it's something that I'm doing or not doing, the way I look, I'm not sure.  Even the men get in on the act.  The other day it was Mr. Burgess.  "Are you ready Mr. Burgess, I asked?"   "Hey, hon, let me run in here right quick," pointing to the door of the restroom. 
I was beginning to just let it roll off my shoulder and not make a big deal about it until one day I had a kidney infection and went to a Urologist in town.  While sitting in the packed reception room listening to all kinds of meaningless chatter from different men and women, I overheard one woman say in a whisper, "I just can't GO, I mean I feel like I need to, but I just can't."  I spoke up and asked her name.  She replied, "Mildred Johnson."  I stood up and held out my hand to her as if I were about to lay hands on her and "heal" her and said with a loud voice,  "Mrs. Johnson, are you ready?"  All of a sudden she began twitching and moving around in her seat and in a nervous, high pitched voice she exclaimed, "Oh, my, excuse me, I need to go the bathroom."   I REST MY CASE!!!! 
Uh oh, they just called my name to go back to see the doctor. " I wonder if I have time to go the bathroom first", I heard myself say to the nurse.  When I caught her gaze, I saw it, that look.   Her eyes rolled upward, she slowly shook her head, and then her smile changed quickly to a scowl.  I have a very STRONG feeling, I knew what she was thinking.  Until later,
 Love, luck and laughter,
Paula the Hillbilly

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Kelly Miller said...

Paula, there is truly something wrong with you! I can so see you putting your hands on Mildred to make her pee. HA HA HA HA

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