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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

couponing at Publix

I picked up a few things at Publix today,  1 bag of Lays, 2 packs of Dixie Napkins and plates, 4 boxes noodles, Miralax, aspirin, Smart Balance Milk, Crisco spray, 2 bottles Hunts ketchup, and penny item bleach.

Total $46.11  with coupons  $11.63 + tax = $13.90  Not bad for what I got.


Kelly Miller said...

You are awesome!! I may have to start using Publix if you make it easier for me!!!

Kelly Miller said...

Give us a detailed description on how to make this easier. Where did you get the coupons and is all of this stuff on sale?

Paula said...

I go to iheartpublix.com or i use southernsavers.com and click on the Publix add. Publix has a new book out at the store that has some store coupons that you can pair with manufacture coupons, i also had some Target Q's and a $5 off $30 from Food World, Publix takes competitors coupons which makes for a great deal.

Kelly Miller said...

I go to both of those too but I just never think of Publix because there isn't one close to my house.i I did NOT know Publix takes competitor's coupons!

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